Saturday, 29 October 2011

Confirmation and First Communion Schedules

New content is continuing to become available on the updated parish website.  On the homepage, students and parents can now find the date and time for the next Confirmation and First Communion Preparation Class.  In addition, the complete schedule can be found in the Sacraments page of the website.  Please make sure that you download the correct schedule as there are different ones depending on the school that the candidate attends.  Plus, the manner in which the groups are divided are different between the Confirmation and First Communion Programs.

In a growing effort to make parish information available in a paper-less format, the parish bulletin continues to be uploaded onto the website, with this weekend's issue already online.  It is our hope that we will continue to add content onto the website and make it a useful resource for our parish community.  Please continue to check back often and to bookmark the site.

As always, may God continue to bless and protect you and all your loved ones.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Website Updates including Weekly Bulletin

One of the new features of our parish website will be the opportunity to read the weekly bulletin. If you forgot yours, accidentally threw it in the recycling or just never picked one up on the weekend, you will be able to find past bulletins here on the website. Just head over to the "Parish Bulletin" section. It is the hope that you will find the latest edition during or just immediately after the weekend that it is distributed at church.

In other update news: photos from World Youth Day in Spain have been uploaded. Plus, photos from the Knights of Columbus Installation of Officers Ceremony have been added to the photo gallery section. Please take a look and enjoy!